Pet Supply Website
You have been tasked with creating a new website for a pet supply company.  The key focus is an improved user experience to increase customer satisfaction and ultimately drive more revenue.
Brief #1: Efficient Navigation
User research shows visitors prefer to shop by pet rather than by product.

I use “Pet” as the main focus of navigation, with first positioning.  Dropdown shows an at-a-glance of the main types of pets, as well as food, treats, and supplies for each pet.  User can drill down further in each category if needed.

Brief #2: Marketing
Marketing would like to run three campaigns simultaneously: Black Friday, a strategic brand partnership, and an ad to promote their new mobile app.

Solution: I utilize a carousel to simultaneously promote all three campaigns at the top of the homepage for maximum visibility.

Brief #3: Products
The client would like to feature their top products on the homepage.

Solution: Display “Top Rated Products” and “Most Popular Products” prominently on homepage in a 4 column grid with sliders to scroll horizontally.

Brief #4: User Support
Client would like users to be able to reach support and ask questions at any point in the experience.

Solution: A persistent customer support FAB (Floating Action Button) where users can ask questions or get help on any page, even during checkout.

Brief #5: Simplified Purchase Flow
25% of users are adding items to their cart, but not completing the purchase process. Through user surveys, they’ve expressed that the cart is hard to edit and there are too many steps in the purchase process.

Solution: Give users multiple ways to edit their carts: in context of the item via the “add to cart” button or by hovering over the cart and editing there – all on-the-fly and before proceeding to a checkout screen.

Once at checkout, their order can be completed on one page after a guided process of Shipping, Billing, and Payment.

Brief #6: Subscribe & Save
Since revenues are decreasing, the company wants to provide a way to ensure that users are relying on their services month over month.

Solution: Add an option to subscribe to products on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis for additional savings.  Less cognitive load of remembering to order, and more savings, is a win-win.

Brief #7: User Feedback
Design a rate experience for users to get their thoughts on the new cart experience, and to find out what they’re looking for in a mobile app.

Solution: A feedback experience that doesn’t annoy the user with a pop-up, but instead triggered at the end of the purchase flow and incentivized with a chance for a gift card.
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